Tours of the Vineyard
or Art Collection

Relax and enjoy an afternoon at Panther Ridge.
Lower your blood pressure and enjoy your time here as our special guests.

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We don’t have a tasting room at Panther Ridge, but we do offer tours of the vineyard
and our contemporary art collection.

Tours are available by appointment only.

Panther Ridge Vineyard is located on a special knoll of Sonoma Mountain, overlooking the valley below. Our vineyard tour includes stories about the struggles of establishing the vineyard on such a rocky hillside, the benefits of organic and biodynamic farming, and details on how we approach our viticulture. 

Vineyard Tour

The art collection at Panther Ridge includes celebrated artists such as Donald Judd, Nancy Rubins and Ed Ruscha. Each piece has a fascinating history, and the tour will be customized to the interests of your party. 

Art Tour