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or Art Collection

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We don’t have a tasting room at Panther Ridge, but we do offer tours of the vineyard.

We are located at 5252 Lichau Rd, Penngrove, CA 94951

Tours are available by appointment only.

Panther Ridge Vineyard is located on a special knoll of Sonoma Mountain, overlooking the valley below. Our vineyard tour includes stories about the struggles of establishing the vineyard on such a rocky hillside, the benefits of organic and biodynamic farming, and details on how we approach our viticulture. 

Vineyard Tour

The art collection at Panther Ridge includes celebrated artists such as Donald Judd, Nancy Rubins and Ed Ruscha. Each piece has a fascinating history, and the tour will be customized to the interests of your party. 

Art Tour

Join us in Burgundy June 12-19, 2025!

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Panther Ridge has been selected as one of four wineries to be featured on an exclusive cruise to the top wine regions of Burgundy hosted by the Petaluma Gap Winegrower’s Alliance and Expedia Cruises. This is going to be an incredible trip! For 7 days we’ll cruise along the Saône river, stopping at the Port of Dijon, Seurre, Beaune, Chalon-Sur-Saône, Tournus, and Màcon.  Suzanne Farver, Proprietor of Panther Ridge, will be your host on this trip, sharing stories about Panther Ridge vineyard and it’s award-winning wines.

There are various amazing choices at each stop, including wine tastings, bike tours, medieval castles and museums. If you want to focus on wine, you can, but if your partner is into biking, c’est la vie! You’ll meet up for dinner on the ship with gourmet meals and your choice of libation. 

Each of the four wineries will have a chance to present a wine-paired dinner and tasting, so you’ll get to know each of us better as we sail down the river each day. The ship holds just 140 passengers, so this trip will sell out. It’s going to be an unbelievable experience, and you should start looking at your calendars now to make plans to join us!

Click on this link for more details – discounted pricing goes through November 30, so put those thinking caps on now and get on board with us! It’s going to be grand!!

Detailed itinerary at this link!