We believe that fine wine can be delicious without harming the planet.

When we broke ground on the virgin soil of our vineyard in 2016, we pledged never to poison the soil or the vines with artificial chemicals or pesticides. As a result, our soils are alive with microorganisms, and wildlife abounds. Planting cover crops each fall loosens our soils without the need to till, so we sequester more carbon in the soil.
The vineyard was certified organic by CCOF in 2019, and we have been farming biodynamically since then, putting up owl houses and bluebird houses, spraying the traditional biodynamic horn manure and silica solutions, and using natural recipes such as fermented teas to discourage invasive weeds. We even pay attention to the natural rhythms of the moon cycles to best utilize and preserve our water resources.
Careful farming and hand harvesting provide the ultimate quality grapes to the winery. Fermented with natural yeasts and with no added flavors or colors, the resulting wine truly reflects the character of our vineyard. The nuances from the soil and climate are able to blossom without filtration or manipulation.