Do we Care about Certified Organic Grapes? What’s all the Fuss? And What is Certified Sustainable??

[Time to read: 6 minutes] Having a certified organic vineyard may be more work, but its benefits include reduced chemical exposure, better soil health, preservation of biodiversity, carbon sequestration and improved grape quality. I grew up in Iowa in the 60s and 70s when hybrid seed was just getting a foothold in the farming community. […]

2022: The Drought Year

  Our young vines had struggled through the summer heat and drought of 2021, and we needed to be proactive about watering early in 2022 since the winter rains had not come. We started irrigating around bud break and continued to support the vines with fertilizer in April and watering through bloom to ensure as […]

2021 Harvest

Our 2021 harvest season began August 31 with an early morning pick of grapes from a block at the west end of the vineyard, where ripening has historically been slow. We decided to pick them early and make a rosé, turning what could be a problem into an opportunity. Garry Brooks and his crew at […]

What makes Panther Ridge so Special?

A perfect combination of soils, climate, and winemaking — all of which allow the grapes to express their personality in the resulting wine. As we gain more knowledge of the various microclimates on this 7-acre gem, we will be able to divine combinations to suit various palates and tastes. SoilsThe soils of Panther Ridge Vineyard […]

2020 Harvest Notes

The 2020 harvest was a challenge for so many here in Northern California due to an unprecedented number of wildfires. We harvested three weeks earlier than in 2019 after heat spikes in July and August spurred the grapes to ripen more quickly, and we were lucky to avoid the smoke that settled upon our area. […]

Farming Notes – Summer 2021

Winter rains were well below normal this year. Usually we get up to 30 inches of rain through the winter, but in 2020-2021 we only received roughly 8 inches of rain.    With the continuing drought in Northern California and all over the western United States, we feel lucky to have a strong producing well […]